Photographers And Their Tattoos by Stella Kramer

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A photo of my tattoo was featured in "Photographers And Their Tattoos" by Stella Kramer

My tattoo story
at "Photographers And Their Tattoos" by Stella Kramer

“I got it as a birthday gift to myself in 2008. It has two meanings.

First it is a box with a pinhole, which is the basic form of a camera. Second, my tattoo is a reference to the box drawn by the pilot in Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince.”  As the Little Prince is free to see the sheep in any way he prefers, a camera is simply a box to contain my imagination.

I see this tattoo whenever I photograph. It is on my left arm and its shape becomes perfect only when I hold my camera with the right hand, and my left extends to support the lens barrel.”

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photo by Jaime Permuth