Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography : : THE FAMILY EXHIBITION

Added on by Hye-Ryoung Min.

The image of my niece, Yeonsoo has been accepted into the show, Family at Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography juried by Aline Smithson from Lenscratch!

January 12th and will run through February 2, 2013.

Opening reception 6:30 pm -9:30 pm

"The Photographic Dialogue has never been so filled conversation about family--interpreting ourselves and those we love through images is an important way of creating universal stories. Photographers today have become participant observers of their own familial settings, reflecting a reality and insight of those they share their lives with. We are turning our lenses homeward, to capture worlds that are familiar, yet charged with history and emotion. This exhibition is about seeing beyond the front door and the birthday party smiles, it's about the pathos and poignancy of parenthood, of aging parents, of loss, of joy, of's about all the things that make us human in the every day drama played out in our own backyards."

-Aline Smithson

Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
1600 Clay Street
Detroit, MI 48211